Blw Set I

  • Made out of 100% food-grade silicone.

  • Contains the Bowly + Mini Cup + Scooper

  • Each item encourages BLW and supports independence.

  • Perfect for a baby shower gift as well as for a special occasion.

  • Hand wash and steriliser safe.

  • Box Dimensions: 26x31X7 cm

  • 6 m+

BLW I.jpg
01-Aqua Green.png
02-Pinky Pink.png
03-Mineral Blue.png
04-Powder Grey.png

Blw I Feeding Set
Mineral Blue

Blw I Feeding Set
Powder Grey

Item Number: 101070051

Item Number: 101070052

Item Number: 101070053

Item Number: 101070054

05-Velvet Rose.png
06-Mellow Yellow.png
07-Bubble Beige.png
08-River Green.png

Blw I Feeding Set
Velvet Rose

Blw I Feeding Set
Mellow Yellow

Blw I Feeding Set
River Green

Item Number: 101070055

Item Number: 101070056

Item Number: 101070057

Item Number: 101070058

09-Woody Brown.png
10-Deep Blue.png

Blw I Feeding Set
Woody Brown

Item Number: 101070059

Item Number: 101070060