Sleep Buddy
Sleep Buddy

Minikoioi Sleep Buddy

  • The pacifier is one size and suitable for newborn & onwards. It is gum friendly.

  • The soft toy prevents the pacifier from rolling away and keeps it within the reach of baby.

  • The toy eases the baby to sleep with its soothing texture.

  • Lightweight of the toy is suitable for newborns.

  • Helps prevent the development of thumb sucking habit.

  • Hand wash with soapy water and towel dry.

  • Suitable for steriliser use.

  • Age: 0+ months. We recommend limiting pacifier time by age 2 and eliminating it by age 4 to avoid dental problems.

Sleep Buddy - Elephant.png

Item Number: 101010002

Sleep Buddy - White Bear.png

Item Number: 101010007

Sleep Buddy - Pink Bunny.png

Item Number: 101010008

Sleep Buddy - Brown Bear.png

Item Number: 101010009

Sleep Buddy - Blue Bunny.png

Item Number: 101010010

Sleep Buddy